I have never felt so special Part-2


I think you have built one of the most specular teams I have ever interacted with. It started with Pete and the nurse he worked with in the OR to get me admitted and settled in for my stay. Would you believe after all the names I wrote down I forgot hers? But the person I found the most outstanding was Ronda in recovery. She was most impressive. And just as I thought it couldn’t get ant better I began to meet the rest of the staff. Another person I believed stood out was Judy, she did the sonogram of my heart as I as prep for surgery. But I felt that David took care of me more like his Dad than just a patient. I can’t reference everyone without mentioning Machelle whose endeavor is to be a pediatrician. I know it sounds like the next best thing after my stay at Santa Monica Hospital is a vacation. You wouldn’t be too far from wrong. But nothing is perfect and that would leave us with Martina who was not of the same character as the rest of our care givers because she made my Sheila cry. I will admit it couldn’t have taken much. She was under a lot of stress, but after 49 years she was very afraid of losing me. Not to worry we are not going to let one bad apple spoil the whole stay. I told everyone that when I get to heaven I would like to tell them my last memory was UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. I just saw, News: UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica Achieves Certification as a Primary Stroke Center. No wonder I did so well.