In Honor of Doctors Day

UCLA Health article

In honor of Doctors Day, It is with gratitude and appreciation I recognize Dr. Christopher Crisera and Dr. Maggie DiNome.

Two years post Op, Dr. Crisera’s meticulous reconstruction gave me a beautiful natural result that to this day exceeds my expectation.

Dr. Crisera and Dr. DiNome, thank you for always treating me with respect, compassion and kindness. Thank you for the extra effort, gentleness, and understanding you gave to me as at the time of my diagnosis when I first came to you recently widowed in the midst of deep grief.

In January 2017 I found myself faced with the “dreaded” breast cancer diagnosis. Through my daughter’s networking and diligence to research the “best of the best” for my care I am blessed to have found Dr. Crisera and Dr. DiNome.

At my initial consult with Dr. Maggie DiNome, I knew I was making the right choice to choose her as my breast surgeon. Her warm demeanor and ability to explain my medical situation, along with her academic background, experience and reputation gave me the assurance I needed. She also highly recommended a consultation with Dr. Christopher Crisera.

My first appointment with Dr. Crisera I felt a great sense of relief and 100% certain I would ask him to perform my reconstructive surgery. Dr. Crisera’s professional and well-studied approach put me at ease in my new world of unknown. He is straightforward yet encouraging with expected outcome. Dr. Crisera’s credentials, significant years of experience, board certification and specialization in microvascular surgery and breast reconstruction, combined with his compassion and steady reassurance, gave me the confidence to know I was under expert care and making the best, informed decision for my health and emotional well-being.

Thank you again, Dr. DiNome and Dr. Crisera for being a superb “tag team” in my care.

Lastly, I do not take for granted, and would be remiss not to mention the numerous fellows, residents, and medical team members that contributed to my well being under your guidance.

I wish you and UCLA Medical continued success and look forward to giving back as a UCLA volunteer.

Sincerely, Randi P.