It's Not Their Illness, It's Their Life

UCLA Health article
It’s Not Their Illness, It’s Their Life

“Jo Sue has written hundreds of biographies since she started the program,” says Carey McCarthy, not pictured, as she honored Jo Sue Whisler, a Living History Program volunteer in the hematology and oncology unit at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, for her outstanding service and dedication during the annual Auxiliary Awards Luncheon. Carey continues, “In this one-of-a-kind program, Jo Sue meeting with a patient, interviews them, and creates a one-page biography of their life. The story is laminated and presented to the patient. In some instances, these biographies serve as a lasting memory of the patient.” Jo Sue says, “It’s a gift to me to give them the page because they light up. It’s an honor and a privilege to sit and talk with the person for half an hour. It has nothing to do with their illness, it’s has to do with their life.”

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