Jose's Story - Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve Patient Story
Jose's Story - Before and After Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Jose's Story - Before and After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery: Sleeve Gastrectomy - Total Lost: 167 pounds lost so far*

*Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results. Read disclaimer | More patient stories

"I wholeheartedly recommend UCLA COMET if you are ready to change your life!" —Jose, Downey, CA

Since I can remember, I have always been the “big one” of my groups. I pretended not to be bothered, but I always felt that the real me was hidden under layers of emotional eating and overindulgence. Before coming to UCLA COMET, my highest weight was 365 pounds. One day at work, I remember feeling pressure on my chest and nausea. I knew something was wrong. I went to see my primary care doctor and he diagnosed me with high blood pressure, diabetes and “fatty” liver. He spoke blunt with me and he told me if I didn’t drastically change my lifestyle I would be dead within ten years. I always knew I had to change and take better care of my health, but I never thought those diagnoses would ever apply to me. It was at that point I seriously considered bariatric surgery, and after conversation with my primary care doctor, he referred me to UCLA COMET.

From my first visit the team at UCLA COMET treated me like family. I really felt the love, care, passion and professionalism from every person involved with UCLA COMET. The receptionists were kind and attentive, the nurses and dietitian were smart, happy and encouraging. The surgeons were honest and extremely qualified. UCLA COMET is really the Dream Team you want on your side in the battle against obesity. With all this said, I have to be clear Bariatric surgery with UCLA COMET is not a quick fix or some sort of magic. To get weight loss and better health results, it is up to the individual to really commit to a new lifestyle focused on a clean diet and exercise. The surgery and the knowledge from the UCLA COMET team is the best took to help you succeed. Nine months after surgery with a lot of hard work and consistency in clean eating and exercise I now weigh 198 pounds. I have lost 167 pounds and my goal is to reach my ideal body weight of 175 pounds.

Also, my diabetes, high blood pressure, and “fatty” liver are cured! I wholeheartedly recommend UCLA COMET if you are ready to change your life!

Before and After Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Jose Before
Before and After Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Jose After

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