Kobe's story

Using virtual reality for brain surgery

Brain surgery to the playground - Kobe's VR journey

"I woke up one morning and I didn't feel good," says seven-year old Kobe Morrow, whose family brought him to UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital after seeing three other doctors at different facilities. During his visit in November 2016, UCLA pediatric neurosurgeon Aria Fallah, MD, showed Kobe his brain with the help of virtual reality and used the imaging to explain the surgical procedure to Kobe's parents. Dr. Fallah performed a 7-hour-long surgery to successfully remove the cavernous malformation from Kobe's brain. His preparation for surgery included using Precision Virtual Reality to find the safest path to access and remove the lesion from Kobe's brain. Four and a half months later, Kobe is doing incredible. "After Dr. Fallah took that thing out of my head, I feel better," says Kobe. "Everything's back to normal."