Kristen's Story - Lap Band Revision

Lap Band Conversion to Gastric Sleeve - Patient Story
Kristen's Story - Before and After Lap Band Revision
Kristen's Story - Before and After Lap Band Revision

Lap Band Revision - Total Lost: 104 pounds lost so far*

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"I have more energy than I've had my entire life!" —Kristen

I've been struggling with weight since childhood. I got a lap band in 2008 at 235# and got down to 180#, but stopped losing weight after 5 months. I regained up to 270# in less than a year. I struggled with that for more than a year, vomited with all my meals, and realized I've failed. I was concerned about my health. I couldn't just sit at a restaurant and eat a meal.

I decided to come to UCLA to get evaluated. I was crying, ashamed of regaining all the weight, but Dr. Chen reassured me that none of this was my fault. I decided to opt for the revisional surgery despite the statistics. I was told repeatedly that I'm at an advanced age, I suffered from obesity the majority of my life, and that I'm a vegan. If anything, the staff kept my expectations realistic. Dr. Chen and Lauren the dietitian were very supportive of my being vegan, and I also found the support group very encouraging.

Dr. Chen is one of the warmest doctors I've worked with and my #1 cheerleader. I felt incredibly well prepared for before and after surgery. After surgery, I was no longer waking up with daily back pain and no longer suffered from sleep apnea. My blood pressure went back to a normal range, my cholesterol decreased 40 points, and my triglyceride levels dropped in half. I no longer suffer from the nausea and vomiting caused by the lap band, and now I can eat anything I want and not deprive myself.

I followed all dietary recommendations to the letter and chose to maximize my first 6 months after surgery with exercise. I'm 44 years old and can do a handstand and even bench press the amount of weight I've lost. I have more energy than I've had my entire life!

Kristen Before
Kristen After

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