Lucky to Have Found PFAC


“This tiny pool of blood settled over the nerves that control the motor function of my left leg. So, initially, my only symptom was that my left leg was paralyzed,” recalls Linda Hatcher, a stroke survivor and member of the Neurosurgery Patient and Family Advisory Council at UCLA Health. “The prognosis was that if I was diligent with my rehabilitation for my leg, the blood would reabsorb into my body and free up those nerves. Then, I would have a full and complete recovery. Unfortunately, UCLA Health discovered that my leg was full of blood clots. At one point, blood clots went everywhere and filled up my lungs, and I coded for over 30 minutes! They resuscitated me and put me on the ECMO machine. When I woke up, my brain was absolutely fine. It was an unbelievable miracle. I’m extraordinarily grateful. My care was amazing. Nobody gave up on me. All the time I spent lying in bed gave me an overwhelming appreciation and understanding that there is no more important calling on this earth than taking care of another human being. That’s my new personal mission, and how lucky am I that I found an opportunity in PFAC?”

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