My wife has a new style!


More than 5 years ago my wife needed to start dialysis after being diagnosed with kidney failure, her whole life style ( our whole life style) changed dramatically. Back then our daughter was just 3 years old, for me as a husband and daddy was heart breaker experience when one day I saw my daughter bring her toys in our bedroom just to be playing close to "Mami" while she was recovering from the first procedure to begin dialysis. My wife was told about the kidney exchange program in UCLA, we enrolled and soon we were ready to move on with the kidney transplant process.

Thanks God and Dr. Jeff Veale and the whole Kidney Transplant Team the surgery was a success, after a week of recovery in Ronald Reagan Medical Center , my wife went back home and little by little she was gaining her freedom, her normal life back. Now she, ( we) have a normal life.

She is a wonderful wife and the best Mom ever, our daughter is almost 10 years old now and she's not worry anymore that her "Mom has to connect to the machine to put the medicine in her tommy"( like she used to said back then)

Thanks UCLA , Dr. Jeff Veale and all the staff that made this possible!