P.Jone's Story - Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Primary Hyperparathyroidism Patient Story

Testimonial: Primary Hyperparathyroidism

“Dr. Srikanthan is an exemplary physician.” —P.Jones

Dr. Srikanthan is an exemplary physician. She is a brilliant specialty physician who extends great care to her patients. I was in a fight for my life when I received a referral to Dr. Srikanthan for a rare condition that requires specialized care. My first meeting with her was amazing. I knew she would fight for great care solutions for me. She kept me informed and made very difficult decisions for me. Trusting that the paths she defined for my care would work if we partnered together. She is genius in her profession, and believes in holistic care for her patients. Family, mind, spirit and body. I was blessed to have the opportunity to snag an appointment with her office because she made time to see me. If you are truly in need of a medical physician that sincerely cares, but who also is brilliant in science and medical solutions, I’d hope you get the wonderful opportunity to experience her work. I am living today because of her medical care. That says a lot about how much trust I have in her abilities to determine the absolute best for my care. She is indeed phenomenal!!!