Pedro's Journey


I am writing this to give back a little of all I have received from Dr. Rastogi and his team. I have been a highly disciplined professional bodybuilder for over 25 years and participated in many international competitions. I was a stranger to health issues until, a few weeks before the most important international tournament in my career, my feet started swelling. That initial symptom quickly turned into a full-blown health crisis, with excessively high and uncontrollable blood pressure and a subsequent heart attack. I was first taken to UCLA emergency and then the intensive care unit where that saved my life. My condition finally attributed to a kidney infection which then led to kidney failure. When I was told that I needed a kidney transplant or dialysis and I was devastated. My body was not just my life it was also my livelihood.

My wife Jessica’s immediate reaction was “don’t worry I will give you a kidney”. Jessica was a nun when I first asked her to be my girlfriend and at the time she had told me,”I’m sorry, but I love Jesus Christ! ” Now together as husband and wife, we were facing a life threatening turn of events and potential financial ruin as I lost my bodybuilding sponsors and clients. Meeting Dr. Rastogi was like meeting an angel. He told us not to worry and that he has a plan for us. As he touched my shoulder reassuringly, I immediately felt I could trust him completely.

As if by a miracle (possibly because of Jessica having been a nun) Jessica’s kidney was found to be a good match for me. I underwent my dialysis preparation by Dr. Rastogi’s expert team which is made up of very lovely and caring people, I love them. I was dying and they gave me my life back. After the initial intensive care of dialysis in the unit, I was able to continue with home dialysis which was gentler on my body. I finally underwent the transplant surgery on February 14th. Very symbolically that date is not only Valentine’s Day but also National Kidney Donors’ Day, so the surgery could not have gone but exceptionally well.

Now Jessica and I look forward to having a baby, “a little Jessica”. Dr. Rastogi’s words once more made us feel confident that this can happen. He have is a second chance in life. My message to people is that God gives you two kidneys so that you can give one to someone else.