Sleeve Gastrectomy: The sleeve gastrectomy was the tool I needed to turn my weight loss failures into a weight loss success story


Krystyn's Story

Total Lost: Eight months post-op and 75 pounds down*

Being an overweight child, an overweight teen and then an overweight twenty-something is not a fun experience. On the exterior I presented myself as a confident young woman surrounded by loving friends and family, but that was a total contrast to what I felt internally. I was miserable, uncomfortable and angry. It was as if life was passing by and I was merely existing. I finally came to the decision that enough was enough, and as cliché as it sounds, it was time for me to get my life back.

I spoke with my PCP and we collectively decided to take control. I stuck to it and started doing Zumba four days a week. I lost 40 pounds and I felt good. I thought this was it- the end of being the fat girl. Slowly, the weight started coming back on. I made sure that I would not gain more than what I lost, because that would make me an even greater failure. Over time I lost 10 pounds here and gained it back. It was a vicious cycle that led to more misery and anger.

I went back to my PCP for a physical, where she noticed my weight gain. She mentioned bariatric surgery, and how it might be a great option for me. I was initially shocked. I thought that I was too young and not "fat enough" for such a drastic change to my anatomy. Over the next two years, I researched everything I could about bariatric surgery. Finally, something clicked. I went back to my PCP asking for a referral to see a bariatric surgeon.

I was scared of what would happen to me post-op, but I knew the life I was living was not the one I wanted. I came to the realization that if I did not go through with the surgery I would always be unhealthy, an option of anger and misery that was not for me.

Now eight months post-op and 75 pounds down, I am able to say that gastric sleeve with Dr. Dutson at UCLA was the best decision I have ever made. The sleeve gastrectomy was the tool I needed to turn my weight loss failures into a weight loss success story. I know my journey is not yet over, but with the support I have from family, friends, and Dr. Dutson and his team I am able to conquer any goals I set forth. Thank you Dr. Dutson, Anya, Lauren and staff!

*Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results. Read full disclaimer »

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