Therese's Story - Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Patient Story
Therese's Story - Before and After Bariatric Surgery
Therese's Story - Before and After Bariatric Surgery

Total Lost: 67 pounds lost so far*

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"I'm honored and grateful for Dr. Chen and UCLA staff." —Therese

I struggle with major health related problems concerning my diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. I was overweight and obese, so my weight was difficult to maintain. I decided bariatric surgery because my diabetes was getting out of control. It was taking over my body which was making my everyday life dysfunctional. When I first met Dr. Chen, it was a remarkable experience because he was insightful and made me feel entirely comfortable.

My experience with UCLA was wonderful. The staff were persistent, stuck by my side, and they communicated diligently with me. The information that was provided before and after surgery was helpful and I still rely on that information today. The diet I was given was easy to follow. My success after surgery made me feel more radiant, more energetic, and I feel like I became a better person.

The bariatric surgery changed my life because now I have a newfound positive for the future. I have all this new energy, and not only energy, but this positive energy that I'm able to apply to my family. I've become a better wife to my husband, and far greater mother to my children. I'm honored and grateful for Dr. Chen and UCLA staff. Thank you!

Therese Before
Therese After

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