UCLA's Best Kept Secret

UCLA Health article

I am the proud mother of a gorgeous, funny, helpful and talented little boy who has a disability. During one of our visits to his Developmental Specialist, it was mentioned that he may benefit from attending the UCLA Intervention Program. I was amazed that such a program existed, let alone in UCLA. I am an employee and wasn't even aware! We were given a brochure and began to devour any and all information we could find about it. Like all parents, we wanted to give our son every opportunity at getting ahead in life, so we started on the journey of intake. The staff at the program was very accessible, even the director! Our calls were always returned promptly and there was always a patient, understanding voice on the other end. Once we toured and worked together with the lead teacher on a schedule, our son was off and he hasn't stopped growing ever since! This program offers an extremely nurturing, safe and comfortable environment that provides structure which has encouraged our son to become more confident; it shows in how he interacts day to day with our family and the other participants. He has made connections not only with the other children, but with the caring staff as well; and I must admit, I also have a fondness for the other children and found support and understanding not in just the staff, but also in the other parents. Now our son is almost done with his time, graduation is coming soon, and my only regret is not knowing about this wonderful program for children with disabilities sooner. As our little boy goes on to 'big boy school' as we call it, I can be assured in knowing that he has been given the foundation that only a small handful of children, disabilities or not, have the fortune to experience.