Warrior Skye


“Skye is a Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, or JMML pediatric cancer survivor,” reveals Talia Savren-McCormick, mother to four-year-old Skye Savren-McCormick. The family, including father Todd, enjoyed the pediatric cancer picnic. Talia continues, “One in a million kids per year have the type of blood cancer she was born with. She was in-patient at UCLA Health for 299 days, she had three bone marrow transplants, and when she had her spleen removed, it was the size of a pineapple. After four rounds of chemo, they did an immunotherapy treatment that wasn’t approved for anyone under the age of 14. I think she was one of the first people her age to have this type of treatment. Ten months later, she was able to walk out of UCLA Health. We call her Warrior Sky because she’s a fighter.”