'We Don't Feel Alone'


“We love coming back to see everybody who took care of Rose,” says Melody Curtis, mother to five-year-old Rose Curtis, who is enjoying the NICU Reunion. “At 14 weeks Rose was diagnosed with something called an omphalocele, which means her spleen, stomach and intestines were outside her abdominal wall when she was born. She was intubated at birth and was on a feeding tube, ventilator and oxygen until she was three and a half years old. She was in the NICU for five and a half months and we had supergreat training on how to care for her when we got home. The NICU nurses are amazing. We’ve been in the hospital several times for other surgeries, and they will come by her room so we don’t feel alone. We feel their companionship and comfort, not just for Rose, but for the whole family, and we completely appreciate it.”