Thriving Body, Happy Mind

October 24, 2019
By uclahealth
1 min read

“Sound Body Sound Mind is a program that really enhances kids who aren’t affiliated with sports,” explains Brandy Peacock, PE and softball coach at Culver City High School. “This program is an opportunity for the students to get free range of the weight room, and for them to get opportunities to go to a gym or workout center they may not have the opportunity or means to do at home. This program is everything to us because in high school, we separate the athletes from the non-athletes. I’ve seen the benefits in students passing the FitnessGram state test, chatting with friends while cycling on a bike, and not realizing they’re working out.

This is a safe place to become physically fit. We always focus on the physical, but there is a mental part. Ninth grade is when adolescents are learning acceptance. There’s so much pressure on them, and when they come in here, it’s very social. They release endorphins, and for the one hour they’re here, they can thrive and be happy.”


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