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Normalizing advance care planning as a regular, expected part of medical care at UCLA Health is the vision of the UCLA Health Advance Care Planning Program.  Under the ACP program, launched in 2013, advance care planning is being implemented across the health system in a strategic fashion appropriate for each patient’s level of illness and readiness to participate.

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Benefits of ACP

Advance Care Planning (ACP) helps adults at any age or stage of health understand and share their personal values, life goals, and preferences regarding future medical care.

ACP includes having conversations with your provider to support you in completing an Advance Directive, a legal document in which you express your goals of care and elect a healthcare agent to help in the fulfillment of those goals.

It is a gift you give your loved ones who might otherwise struggle to make choices about your care in the event you are unable to.


Join us for a few upcoming events to learn more about Advance Care Planning.

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Steps to Completing ACP

  1. Contact your provider if you are interested in completing ACP.
  2. Communicate with your provider to discuss your goals and values for care.
  3. Complete an Advance Directive and notarize this document.

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To find out more about our Advance Care Planning program, email [email protected].