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Are you living with HIV?

Do you smoke tobacco cigarettes?

If so, you may eligible for a research study comparing the effects of switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes in people living with HIV.


RECRUITING: Tobacco cigarette users who are living with HIV, between the ages of 21-60, who have no serious health problems may be eligible. Eligible women must not be pregnant


INCLUDES: Three visits, 1 hour each visit, during which the heart rhythm (ECG) will be recorded and blood will be drawn. You will be asked to return 3-4 hours later for a repeat blood test

COMPENSATION: Participants will earn up to $150 per experimental session, up to $450 total

ADDITIONALLY: You will be asked to smoke a tobacco cigarette and an electronic cigarette (different visits)

LOCATION: UCLA Medical Center


Izzy Ruedisueli (310) 825- 3510
[email protected]

Dr. Holly Middlekauff (310) 206- 6672
[email protected]

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