Clinical Case Management

Our clinical case managers are registered nurses who have had significant experience in caring for hospitalized patients.

Our Clinical Case Managers have varied practice experiences, many have advanced degrees, and national certification in case management practice.

Case management is a specialized practice and each patient admitted to the hospital is assigned a nurse case manager. 

The clinical case managers ensure that the care our patients receive is coordinated, safe, timely, and effective, efficient, equitable and patient centered.

Clinical Case Managers work closely with the interdisciplinary team.  Patients are assessed by the clinical case manager when they admitted to the hospital and individualized care plans are formulated to meet the needs of the patient and their families.

Clinical Case managers work with the patient, their family, the medical team, and post-acute providers to transition the care of patients as they leave the hospital setting.

This transition planning begins early in the patient’s hospitalization to ensure that the transition meets the needs of the patient, is seamless, safe, and that the post-acute provider has all of the necessary information to provide care. 

Clinical Case Managers identify patient who are at Risk for being readmitted to the hospital once they discharge using evidence based risk stratification tools.

Patient specific interventions are utilized to reduce this risk and support the patient in their transition to the post-acute setting best suited to provide care

Clinical case managers communicate with patient’s health plans to secure reimbursement for the hospital services that patient receive.

The Case Management process centers on individual patient needs and works to create holistic, patient centric plans. These plans address the medical, physical,

Psychosocial emotional, financial, behavioral aspects of the patient and their support systems to return the patient to their optimal level of health and well-being.

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