Device name: Peregrine System Infusion Catheter

  • Phase 2, blinded, sham procedure

Mechanism: renal denervation using alcoholas a neurolytic agent

  • Evaluate safety of Peregrine catheter to deliver 0.6mL alcohol to perivascular area of reneal arteries

Key inclusion criteria:

  • Age: 18-80 (inclusive)
  • On 2-5 antihypertensive medications, willing to adhere to regimen and a diuretic
  • 3 in office BP measurements; average SBP  ≥ 150 and  180, DPB ≥ 90


  • Sleep apnea, thyroid/parathyroidabnormalities, heart failure, chronic NSAID use, immunosuppresive medications
  • Renal artery abnormalities that may impact renal denervation procedure