Women's Health & the Environment Conference - October 4, 2023

The purpose of this conference was to address racial and ethnic disparities in relation to exposure to environmental toxins which impact breast cancer and reproductive health. We aimed to promote the adoption of modifiable behaviors in reducing exposures to toxins at home, work, and in the community.

The target population was low-to-moderate-income Latinas of reproductive age residing in South Los Angeles. To achieve this, we hosted an educational conference entirely in Spanish. The conference intended to create awareness and foster environmental advocacy. 

Our conference speakers work in environmental justice, breast cancer, and reproductive health. We also recruited Community Health Workers (Promotoras) who could discuss their lived experiences about the impact environmental toxins on breast cancer and reproductive health. 

Topics included:

  • Breast Health and the Environment
  • Exposures at Home, Work, and in the Community
  • Mobilizing Communities for Environmental Advocacy
  • Making your Own Toxic-Free Cleanser

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