MPTF Eligibility

Eligibility to use UCLA Health/MPTF locations

People with eligibility to use UCLA Health/MPTF locations include: employees and retirees of companies involved in production and distribution (such as theatrical/motion pictures and television programming; studio-owned recording; radio broadcasting; theme park industries; and members of entertainment unions and guilds) and people working for associated businesses (such as guilds and unions and their affiliated health plans; entertainment magazines; independent productions; talent agencies; public relations agencies; and entertainment personnel for freelance projects who have proof of employment). Additionally, eligibility includes spouses and same-sex life partners, widows, children 13 and older, and parents or parents-in-law of eligible participants, listed above. A range of insurance plans is accepted, including Medicare. (Medicare Advantage HMO plans are not accepted.)

Eligibility will be checked and confirmed at the time an appointment is made with an individual location.

Please contact us at (800)-876-8320 to discuss your specific eligibility questions.