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After completing his studies at Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Aksoy went onto complete his Internal Medicine residency at Johns Hopkins University Hospitals and Cardiovascular Medicine and Interventional Cardiology fellowships at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He then joined UCLA Division of Cardiology in 2013 and has been a faculty member since.

Dr. Aksoy’s focus since his arrival has been prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. As an active clinician, Dr. Aksoy specializes in evaluating and treating patients with coronary artery and structural heart diseases. He is involved in invasive evaluation and treatment of cardiovascular diseases where he performs coronary angiograms/angioplasty and stenting, minimally invasive treatment of heart valve diseases (TAVR and Mitraclip), as well as atrial septal defect/patent foramen ovale therapies. Dr. Aksoy is currently the Associate Director of Aortic Valve Therapies.

Dr. Aksoy is also an active member of our research program and is serving as the Associate Director of Clinical Research in Interventional Cardiology. He directs and leads several research trials, including those of structural and interventional therapies. He is also working on developing newer generation technologies/devices for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


English, Turkish


Medical Board Certifications

Interventional Cardiology, American Board of Internal Medicine, 2012
Cardiovascular Disease, American Board of Internal Medicine, 2011


Interventional Cardiology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 2013
Cardiovascular Disease, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 2011


Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 2008


Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 2006


MD, Duke University School of Medicine, 2005


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Hospital Affiliations

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center


Aortic Stenosis: The Future is Now!



Dr. Aksoy is also an active member of our research program and is serving as the Associate Director of Clinical Research in Interventional Cardiology. He directs and leads several research trials, including those of structural and interventional therapies. He is also working on developing newer generation technologies/devices for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


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