Pritha P. Gupta, MD, PhD
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Pritha P. Gupta, MD, PhD

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Beverly Hills Wilshire Primary Care & Specialty Care | 8641 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 102, Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Dr. Pritha Gupta is a cardiologist who practices in Beverly Hills. She also sees patients in the UCLA Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic in Westwood.

Dr. Gupta is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, echocardiography and cardiac CT. Her clinic interests include women’s health, cardiovascular genetics, precision medicine and preventive medicine.

Dr. Gupta received her medical degree from the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine, and completed her internal medicine residency at the University of Washington in Seattle. She completed a fellowship in cardiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and went on to earn a PhD in molecular, cell and integrative physiology with a focus on cardiovascular genetics at UCLA in 2017. She also received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from UCLA.

Dr. Gupta grew up in the Midwest, but has called California home for several years. When she is not practicing medicine, she enjoys exploring the great city of Los Angeles.


English, Bengali


Medical Board Certifications

Cardiovascular Disease, American Board of Internal Medicine, 2017
Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine, 2013


Research Fellowship, UCLA STAR Program, 2017


Internal Medicine, University of Washington Medical Center, 2013


PhD, UCLA Graduate Program in Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology, 2017
MD, New York University School of Medicine, 2010


  • ACC/Merck Research Fellowship in CV Disease & Cardiometabolic Disorders
  • American Heart Association (AHA) Women in Cardiology Trainee Award for Excellence
  • Tibian Fabor Award for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research
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Hospital Affiliations

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center



  • Cardiovascular Genetics
  • Precision and Personalized Medicine
  • Women's Health
  • South Asian health


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  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Centivo
  • Cigna
  • First Health
  • Health Net of California
  • Interplan (part of HealthSmart)
  • L.A. Care
  • MultiPlan
  • UFCM Health System
  • Prime Health Services
  • Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS)
  • UnitedHealthcare

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  • ACC/Merck Research Fellowship in CV Disease & Cardiometabolic Disorders
  • American Heart Association (AHA) Women in Cardiology Trainee Award for Excellence
  • Tibian Fabor Award for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research
  • UCLA Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) and Clinical Translational Institute (CTSI) Rapid Pilot Award Recipient