HumAnes of UCLA

HumAnes of UCLA, created by Jordan Francke, MD, MPH, Resident Class of 2024, is an opportunity to get to know various members of the UCLA Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine (DAPM), from interns to CA-3s, fellows, attendings, and staff. Modeled off of "Humans of New York," we will periodically interview these team members to illustrate the rich diversity of backgrounds, interests, and experiences possessed by various members of our department. It is our hope that this will enrich our professional relationships by humanizing those we work with, fostering meaningful dialogues amongst colleagues, and breaking down hierarchical barriers. It is also an opportunity to learn what the people that make up DAPM look like without masks and outside of hospital attire!



Frank Perkins, MD, CA-0

Resident Physician


Aline Toukhtarian, MD

HS Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology

Robert Briel, MSN, CRNA with his family at Christmas

Robert Briel, MSN, CRNA

Nurse Anesthesist 

Joe Hong, MD and family in Taiwan

Joe Hong, MD

Executive Vice Chair

Photo of Emma Huebner on bike ride

Emma Huebner, MD, CA-3

Resident Physician 

Neil Shaw, MD in front of Public Market Center

Neil Shaw, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology