UCLA Laryngology is seeking new fellowship applications. We participate in Laryngology Match administered by the National Resident Matching Program. Visit the ALA website for further information https://alahns.org/laryngology-fellowship/

Laryngology Fellowship

The UCLA Laryngology Program has a strong history of innovation in clinical laryngology as well as laryngology research. Two fellowship positions are available each year in Laryngology. The UCLA Laryngology Fellowship is a comprehensive program designed to cover the entire breadth of clinical experience in voice, swallowing, and airway disorders as outlined below.

Voice Disorders: Assessment techniques (in-office flexible and rigid laryngoscopy, laryngo-video-stroboscopy, acoustic analysis, aerodynamic analysis, laryngeal electromyography, laryngeal imaging); office-based procedures (laryngeal biopsy, laryngeal Botox injection, injection augmentation, KTP laser therapy); treatment of non-neoplastic diseases (microlaryngeal surgery, microflap surgery, phonosurgery, endoscopic and open surgery); neoplastic diseases of the larynx (endoscopic laser laryngeal surgery, open partial laryngeal surgery, subtotal and total laryngectomy); neurolaryngology (laryngeal reinnervation with ansa cervicalis, selective adductor denervation and reinnervation for spasmodic dysphonia, surgery for bilateral vocal fold paralysis); framework surgery (thyroplasties, arytenoid adduction); management of the post-laryngectomy voice (office-based TEP, Botox injection, endoscopic and open cricopharyngeal myotomies); and care of the professional voice patient.

Swallowing Disorders: assessment techniques (fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing, trans-nasal esophagoscopy, video fluoroscopy, pharyngeal and esophageal imaging); medical and surgical treatment of swallowing disorders (swallow therapy, laser and open treatment of cricopharyngeal dysfunction and Zenker's diverticulum, KJ diverticulum, hypopharyngoplasty, epiglottoplasty, pharyngoplasty, hyolaryngeal elevation, management of esophageal strictures, esophageal biopsy and injection); in-office procedures (esophageal dilation, injection laryngoplasty); and swallow rehabilitation.

Airway Disorders: assessment techniques (office bronchoscopy, tracheal imaging); comprehensive treatment of nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, laryngeal, and tracheal airway stenosis (endoscopic laser pharyngoplasty, endoscopic laryngo-tracheal laser and dilation, fiber-based laser techniques, office-based injections, tracheal resection and cricotracheal resection with primary anastomosis, staged laryngotracheoplasty, and tracheal stents).

Care of the Professional Voice: Because Los Angeles is the film, television and music recording capital of the world, the fellow encounters a broad spectrum of professional voice patients on a daily basis. The fellowship is unique in that it encompasses all aspects of care for this select group of performers. The UCLA Voice Center for Medicine and the Arts integrates physicians, speech pathologists, vocal coaches, vocal pedagogues and voice scientists in a beautiful private setting to provide the highest level of care available. The fellow works alongside and in close conjunction with this group of care givers to learn how to manage the unique array of problems encountered. In addition, the center has within its offices the only fully staffed professional recording studio in the nation. The studio allows professionals to work on their technique in a private non-stressful setting as they regain confidence in their abilities. This program provides the fellow an invaluable perspective on injury, treatment and healing.

Educational Approach

The fellow in Laryngology is expected to develop comprehensive experience and superb skills in all clinical areas in laryngology via direct involvement in patient evaluation and management in the clinics and the operating room. A fully equipped endoscopy suite for laryngoscopy, videostroboscopy and trans-nasal esophagoscopy is provided to the fellow to gain experience in patient assessment techniques and to perform in-office procedures. A computer-equipped working area is also provided for self-directed learning.

The fellow will work alongside fellowship directors, voice scientists, speech pathologists, and other related subspecialists, and play an active role in the team management of patients with voice, airway, and swallowing disorders.

The fellow functions at the level of a clinical instructor with attending privileges and will assume the role of supervising surgeon to the otolaryngology residents.

There are also ample opportunities for interactions with researchers in the laryngeal laboratories (Laryngeal Physiology Laboratory, Laryngeal Dynamics Laboratory, and the Voice Perception Laboratory), to develop an in-depth understanding of laryngeal physiology, to guide the fellow's futures clinical and research endeavors, and to develop clinical and basic science research projects.

Didactics include weekly MBSS Rounds with speech pathology, monthly Voice Conference and Dysphagia Conference, annual UCLA Laryngology Update CME conferences, and ongoing weekly and ad hoc didactics with fellowship mentors to review weekly topics following the Comprehensive Laryngology Curriculum.

Laryngology Fellowship Graduates from UCLA Voice Center

No. Start Year End Year Name Current Institution
1 1999 2001 Joel Blumin MCW
2 2001 2003 Edward Damrose Stanford
3 2003 2005 Dinesh Chhetri UCLA
4 2005 2006 David Opperman Colorado
5 2006 2006 Andrew Verneuil Washington State
6 2006 2007 Andrew Celmer Tennessee
7 2007 2009 Murtaza Ghadiali Texas
8 2009 2010 Scott Howard UHCMC
9 2009 2010 Amanda Salvado California
10 2010 2011 Jennifer Long UCLA
11 2011 2011 Abie Mendelsohn California
12 2011 2012 Nausheen Jamal Texas
13 2012 2013 Natalie Edmondson (Kadin) UCLA
14 2013 2015 Michael Orestes Army 
15 2014 2015 Benjamin Rafii California
16 2015 2016 Michael Holliday UCLA
17 2016 2017 Travis Shiba UCLA
18 2016 2018 Karuna Dewan LSU
19 2017 2018 Aaron Feinstein California
20 2017 2018 Andrew Vahabzadeh-Hagh UCSD
21 2018 2019 Raluca Tavaluc (Gray) U Minnesota
22 2018 2019 Yue Ma UCSF
23 2019 2020 Ryan Stephenson  Utah
24 2019 2020 Alisa Zhukhovitskaya California
25 2020 2022 Timothy Blood  Army 
26 2021 2022 Kenneth Yan Rutgers
27 2022 2023 Kristin Meenan MUSC
28 2022 2023 Neelaysh Vukkadala California

Application Information

Applicants must be physicians who have completed an accredited otolaryngology - head and neck surgery residency in the United States. Two-year surgeon-scientist fellowships are also highly encouraged and considered if desired. Applications should be submitted through NRMP; however we encourage interested applicants to contact us directly in advance to discuss our fellowship and answer any questions.

Please send curriculum vitae, letter of interest, and queries to:
Dinesh K. Chhetri, MD; [email protected], Telephone: 310-794-4225