Bio-Plex® 3D suspension array system is the next generation multiplexing platform based on xMAP technology. Expanded multiplexing capability, faster time to results, and automation capability make it the platform of choice for high-throughput testing for nucleic acid and protein applications.

The Bio-Plex multiplex system enables the detection and quantification of multiple analytes (proteins and peptides, or nucleic acids) in a single sample volume. Utilizing xMAP technology licensed from Luminex, the Bio-Plex multiplex system can multiplex up to 500 different assays simultaneously. The Bio-Plex system comprises a full line of readers, industry-leading software, and high-quality assays.

  • Measure up to 500 unique analytes in a single sample
  • 96- and 384-well plate capability
  • Plate read times twice as fast as the Bio-Plex/Luminex 200 system
  • Robotics interfacing capabilities
  • LIS-compatible software
  • Compatible with the magnetic and nonmagnetic assays
  • Bio-Plex ManagerTM software version 6.0 for data analysis
  • Newest Bio-Plex ManagerTM software version 6.1 for data analysis

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