Faure Kumar

The Nanostring nCounter is a novel digital read-out technology designed for multiplexed measurement of nucleic acids with high levels of precision and sensitivity using fluorescent color-coded barcode probes. The probes hybridize to approximately 100 bases, and can be multiplexed to detect up to 800 different targets in a single reaction. Pre-built CodeSets are available, as well as custom CodeSets.

The technology uses molecular "barcodes" and single molecule imaging to detect and count hundreds of unique transcripts in a single reaction at high sensitivity (< 1 copy per cell). Starting with 50 - 100ng total RNA, no enzymatic processing steps are required for gene expression analysis.

The major advantage of the technology is the ability to analyze RNA samples of poor quality (such as FFPE samples):

  • Up to 800 transcripts can be interrogated in a single assay using 50ng-100ng total RNA
  • No cDNA conversion or amplification are required of target RNA
  • Very high dynamic range; sensitivity and reproducibility of the system exceed those of RT-qPCR

The complete system includes two instruments:

  1. The PrepStation (liquid handling robot) is used to purify ternary complexes obtained during the hybridization, to remove un-hybridized probes, and to immobilize the complexes into the cartridge for subsequent image acquisition.
  2. The Digital Analyzer (fluorescent reader) is a high-speed, four-color fluorescence imager that collects data by detecting the reporters immobilized in the sample cartridge to generate raw data (counts).


  • mRNA, miRNA, long non-coding RNA profiling Details on Nanostring website
  • Custom set of genes or off-the-shelf preassembled panels
  • Comprehensive collection of 800 human miRNAs as well as murine miRNAs derived from miRBase.
  • mRNA from single-cell
  • CNV analysis Details on Nanostring website
  • ChIP analysis (ChIP-string)

To submit samples for Nanostring nCounter, please follow the instructions on the following three forms:

  • Nanostring inquiry
    • For project consultation and advice on premade or custom code set kit, please contact Martin Koch at [email protected]
    • When you decide on the desired code set, please read the sample submission and send the inquiry as well as the manifest to us via email. You are also welcome to stop by our facility at any time to discuss your project.
  • Nanostring sample submission
  • Nanostring sample manifest
    • Nanostring and our center are working very closely to give you the best services available.
    • The final quote will be sent through the center including the price of the kit as well as the labor fee.
    • The instrument is operated by the core personnel only. 12 samples are analyzed at a time and your nCounter data will be delivered to you via email the next day.
    • To receive a copy of nSolver software, register at the NanoString website
    • For data analysis assistance, please contact your NanoString Field Applications Scientist Khooshbu Shah at [email protected]

Other services include:

  • RNA quality assessment on Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer.
  • The 2100 Bioanalyzer system is microchannel based electrophoretic cell that enables rapid, accurate and reproducible analysis of the quality and composition of RNA, DNA and protein samples with exceptionally small sample quantities.
  • It is the standard method utilized in our core for qualitative and quantitative analysis of RNA samples prior analysis on microarray systems.

For information regarding our services, prices and samples submissions, please contact Dr. Emmanuelle Faure-Kumar at [email protected]