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The Goodman-Luskin Microbiome Center brings together researchers from across the UCLA campus interdisciplinary efforts to study how the trillions of microbiomes that reside in the human body and environment are implicated in wide-ranging, health-related conditions – and how those findings can be translated into new strategies for prevention, treatment, and health promotion.

Given the substantial breadth and depth of scientific expertise at UCLA, we invite UCLA-affiliated faculty to join in our mission to foster innovative and collaborate research in the microbiome field.

Membership criteria

  • UCLA-affiliated faculty
  • UCLA Principal Investigator Eligibility (includes Clinical HS Professor Series)
  • Research on microbiome

Benefits of membership

  • Access to research infrastructure, including seven technical core facilities, for interdisciplinary research on the microbiome
  • Opportunities to collaborate with a large network of microbiome researchers across the broader UCLA community
  • Invitation to symposia, lectures, and annual meetings dedicated to microbiome research
  • Eligibility to apply for intramural pilot & feasibility and fellowship funding

Information required to apply

  • Brief description of your microbiome research
  • Top three relevant publications

For questions or inquiries about your application, please contact the center administrator at [email protected]