Training at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center

Olive View/UCLA Medical Center is a state-of-the-art county hospital that serves much of the San Fernando Valley and the Antelope Valley, with outpatient clinics that provide primary care and hospital services for those who need specialty care or surgery. 

Olive View

Infectious diseases fellows rotating at Olive View will gain experience in treating patients with challenging socioeconomic issues, tuberculosis, coccidioidomycosis, opportunistic infections in the setting of uncontrolled HIV infections, diabetes-related infections, skin/soft tissue infections, and diseases endemic to Mexico and Central America.  Olive View is also home to Los Angeles County’s inpatient tuberculosis unit, allowing fellows access to a wide variety of unusual presentations of tuberculosis and antimycobacterial resistance.

Research and academic interests of faculty affiliated with the Infectious Diseases Division at Olive View include coccidioidomycosis, central nervous system infections, tuberculosis, skin and soft tissue infections, hospital epidemiology, HIV, and emergency department management of infections.

Affiliated faculty include

Glenn E. Mathisen, MD (Chief)
Arthur C. Jeng, MD
Caitlin Reed, MD