Mission Statement:

“To Promote and Protect the Wellness of the UCLA Internal Medicine Residency Program by Optimizing the Core Values of Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Professional, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social Well-being”


Mental/Emotional Well-being:

UCLA Internal Medicine Beach Day
  • Partner with the newly created Behavioral Wellness Center to promote and facilitate access to mental health services (including psychiatry and psychology appointments) for residents
  • Check-ins for well-being and formal debriefing conferences

Physical Well-being:

  • Ensuring internal medicine house staff have a PMD
  • Encouraging dental and vision health
  • Physical fitness competitions & group outings
  • Overnight Care Packages for On-call teams & Wellness Snacks/Drinks

Social/Family Well-being:

  • Resident run Community Activities Council which brainstorms and designs residency-wide recreational activities for bonding and wellness
  • Monthly firm led wellness lunches to help residents unwind at work, interact with members of all three classes and provide a space for debriefing difficult cases or stressful events
  • 5-6 wellness social activities outside of work including bowling nights, beach days, and hikes
  • Integration with the UCLA Resident Family Wellness Committee to incorporate residents’ families into social activities
Internal Medicine Residents Party

Professional Well-being:

  • Enhancement of medicine fall retreat to include team building and leadership activities (ropes course, etc.)
  • Faculty mentorship program
  • Firm "family" mentorship program