Curriculum Subcommittee


The EDI curriculum committee is dedicated to making EDI education a foundation of the UCLA internal medicine program. We implement and continually update the structured curriculum in dedicated teaching spaces such as Grand Rounds, noon conferences, and foundational +1 didactics. We ensure representation of various EDI topics including healthcare disparities, racism in medicine, and LGBTQ+ health with key speakers and educators in these fields. We have also helped launch a special hands-on EDI 'Tuesday Curriculum' series where we provide a deeper space to focus EDI learning into action, with workshops that include social determinants of health, microaggression bystander training, and healthcare advocacy. The committee also hopes to implement EDI journal club conferences and create a running EDI thread throughout all educational lectures to help our residents develop cognizance of EDI impacts in medicine regardless of their future career paths. 

Recruitment Subcommittee


Our primary objective this year is to advance our diversity initiatives at UCLA, aiming to ultimately enhance the representation of underrepresented minority (URM) individuals within the internal medicine program. Creating a more diverse and inclusive environment not only benefits the institution but also enriches the academic and professional experiences of students, residents, faculty, and staff.



Our ultimate vision this year is to continue to build bridges to all residency programs in our UCLA Health family such that we can unite to continue to advocate for LGBTQIA+ health disparities. Throughout this year, our ongoing focus remains on enhancing our residency curriculum by further incorporating LGBTQIA+ health topics such that we can better meet the needs of our queer communities.

Social Chair


Fostering a sense of community among residents is a vital endeavor. The social chair coordinates various events in order to provide a platform for residents to connect, share experiences, and build supportive relationships. By organizing gatherings that celebrate diversity and inclusivity, we create opportunities for residents to engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and form lasting bonds. These social events not only enhance camaraderie within our community but also contribute to a more inclusive and supportive residency environment overall.

Medical Student Liaisons

We collaborate extensively with the DGSOM/CDU affinity groups to bolster and nurture medical students' interest in Internal Medicine in addition to optimizing the presence and assistance provided by the IM residency program. The liaisons conduct various workshops covering topics like crafting personal statements, conducting mock interviews, delivering IM inpatient and outpatient presentations, and honing medicine note-writing skills. The liaisons work closely with the recruitment subcommittee to enhance the medical student curriculum during their clinical rotations, making certain it promotes inclusivity and equity.