Primary Care group photo

UCLA Primary Care Objectives:

  • To provide primary care residents with diverse and multifaceted learning environments to allow for experiential learning through direct patient care, supported with appropriate supervision.
  • To emphasize preventative care and teach evidence-based chronic disease management.
  • To promote a diverse, collegial and welcoming environment for all residents and staff.
  • To maintain a healthy balance between service and education, by developing space for formal and informal curriculum that is up to date, interactive, integrated and learner-centered.
  • To create safe space for feedback, discussion and reflection on the rewarding yet challenging work being done by our providers.
  • To foster and promote wellbeing and resilience through explicit training (workshops and conferences) and via modeling and mentoring.
  • To highlight the importance of systems based practice and interdisciplinary care by embedding learners in well integrated and high functioning environments that emphasize team based care and encourage all team members to work at the top of their license.
  • To maintain continuity in clinic that allows both residents and patients to appreciate the benefits of long-term, evolving clinical relationships over time.
  • To develop infrastructure that promotes evidence-based and cost-effective care.
  • To demonstrate, through structured curriculum and experiential learning, the importance of recognizing the social determinants that impact care and utilizing appropriate clinic and community resources to effectively address them.
  • To promote skills in patient-centered interviewing, shared decision making and motivational interviewing though didactics and structured clinic observation.
  • To promote professional development and leadership skills through structured experiences and mentoring.
  • To stress the importance of life-long learning, critical thinking and evidence-based practice through active, resident-centered learning models, time for self-directed learning, quality improvement work.