Community Programs

Driven by a desire for positive change, we support our Los Angeles communities through a variety of environmental and lifestyle advocacy programs.

Healthy Tomorrows

The Healthy Tomorrows Program encourages children and teens throughout LA county to experience nature through mindfulness, environmental health, and fitness curricula - empowering them to lead healthier, happier lives.

A logo with the text Anti Vaping Champions

Anti-Vaping Champions

The Anti-Vaping Champions program works toward making a statewide impact in the creation and adoption of vaping-related policies, testing improved processes in the clinical treatment of vaping and nicotine addiction, and developing cutting-edge educational curricula. 


Disability Education Initiative

Our disability education initiative boosts healthcare provider knowledge on disability health needs. By developing focused curricula and addressing research-to-practice delays, we aim to enhance compassionate, competent care for people with.