Anti-Vaping Champions is a collaboration between the UCLA Health Division of Medicine-Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine and the California Tobacco Prevention Program dedicated to decreasing vaping and other harmful forms of nicotine and tobacco use through policy education, clinical quality improvement, and curricular development. 

Our Approach

  1. Policy Research & Education: We believe in the power of community. Our Task Force brings together health care providers, policymakers, community leaders, educators, and parents to develop and advocate for policies that reduce vaping prevalence.
  2. Screening & Referral Support: Testing improved vaping screening and referral procedures in pediatric and primary care clinics
  3. Curriculum Development: Developing a cutting-edge nicotine addiction treatment curriculum for future providers

Join Us in Making a Difference

Your support is vital in our fight against the vaping epidemic. Whether you’re a health care provider, policymaker, educator, parent, or concerned neighbor, there are many ways to get involved. Together, we can create a healthier future for our youth!

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