Interested in joining the Healthy Tomorrows project? 

View our roles below to see how you can make an impact!

Join the Community Advisory Board


Are you interested in making a change in your community? Have you looked for an outlet to make immediate change in the lives of underserved children? Do you live or work in East or South LA? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, joining the Building Healthy Minds in Nature Community Advisory Board might be a great way for you to make a lasting impact on your community!

For any inquiries about joining, contact: [email protected] 

Join the Youth Advisory Team


Are you a child or teen ages 12-18 attending the Our Spot afterschool program at 1 of the following 6 parks: Mona Park, Roosevelt Park, ERD Park, Belvedere Park, City Terrace Park, or Salazar Park? Are you interested in contributing to the Healthy Tomorrows curriculum by offering new ideas and critiquing past lessons? Are you looking for a low time-commitment role to boost your resume for college/work? Joining the Youth Advisory Team may be just for you!

For any inquiries about joining, contact: [email protected]