UCLA offers one of the most competitive salary and benefits packages for residents in the country. Below you will find a list of housestaff salaries broken down by PGY year. Please refer to the UCLA Graduate Medical Education site for the most up to date information on resident salaries, benefits, policies and a sample contract.

mpr salary

*given to offset cost of introducing co-pays into housestaff health benefits

Educational Funds and Scholarly Pursuits – up to $500 for PGY-1 and up to $1000 per year for PGY-2+ for expenses that further professional development. In addition, reimbursement of expenses incurred for approved scholarly activities.

Fatigue Mitigation Transportation

Flexible Spending Account – for dependent/child care expenses

Food Stipend – meal allowance of $3000 per year at Ronald Reagan and Santa Monica UCLA Medical Centers. Additional meal cards provided at Olive View Medical Center, Harbor UCLA Medical Center and Millers Children’s Hospital. On inpatient rotation sites without meal cards, residents are given Uber Eats credit of up to $25/day (e.g. West Los Angeles VA Hospital).

Health Benefits – includes health, vision and dental insurance. No premiums or deductibles (co-pays were introduced in the 2020-2021 academic year). Benefits extend to spouses, domestic partners and children.

Housing Allowance – $1000 monthly to offset the cost of living in Los Angeles

License Reimbursement and Required Training – Reimbursement of fees for state medical license, Step 3,  ACLS/PALS/BLS/NRP

Parking – free at all clinical sites with exception to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center ($86/month)

Relocation Reimbursement – up to $2750 for newly appointed residents 

Other – Residents are also provided uniforms (including scrubs, white coat and jacket) and a smart phone for work-related tasks