Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residents complete a formal quality improvement curriculum as part of the Primary Care Medicine training modules as well as integrated didactics in other curricular spaces throughout their four years of residency. In the intern year, residents receive a foundational quality improvement didactic curriculum and faculty mentorship as they select a quality improvement project to undertake at one of their continuity sites. 

Residents interested in advanced quality improvement work are also eligible to participate in one of the many opportunities for focused growth in the field, including the DOM Housestaff Quality scholarship program and the UCLA Health Resident Informaticist Program. 

Please check out the wonderful work our residents are currently undertaking to improve our health systems and the care our patients receive.

2022-2023 PGY1 QI Project:  Centering “What Matters”

Our goal is to create a system-wide innovation that grounds primary care in patient-specific goals and values by identifying and recording patients’ values and goals in the EHR for ease of access and utilization, thereby fostering collaborative patient- physician relationships.

This project is guided by the UCLA Cultural North Star pillars:

"Make Things Better"

  • 2a) We come to work to make an impact.
  • 2b) We are constantly curious.

"Be Kind"

  • 3a) We are strongest when we show empathy.
  • 3c) We listen to understand.

These pillars ground our project in working collaboratively with patients and providers to strive for empathy, shared understanding, and innovation in patient-centered care throughout the UCLA system.