Kidney Health Program

UCLA Kidney Health Program

The UCLA Kidney Health Program is a multidiscipline effort to enhance kidney care, specifically in the areas of research, evaluation and treatment. New and innovative techniques are utilized to care for a range of kidney health issues with the goal to preserve and even improve function. We refer to this model of care as Kidney Function Preservation.

Patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) often times express a sense of helplessness as they are focused on functional loss. The UCLA Kidney Health Program stands to challenge this perception by introducing treatments and lifestyle modifications that preserve and improve kidney function. Patients are empowered to become the navigators of their kidney health through the support of UCLA Nephrologists and Vascular Surgeons/Interventional Radiologists.

Recently, the efforts of the program has expanded to include care coordination. Varsenik Papazyan-Gutierrez, CKD Comprehensive Care Coordinator can assist patients to navigate their kidney health needs, specifically when renal replacement therapy is indicated. In the future, we hope to add Social Workers and Renal Dietitians to this team.

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