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The Department of Medicine provides care to patients throughout the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.

Visit our Find a Location page to find community practices or call 310-825-2631 to schedule an appointment.

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Schedule an Appointment

Current Patients »
Direct online appointment scheduling is offered at select UCLA Health offices. Log in to myUCLAhealth to find out if your doctor's office is one of them.

New Patients »
New patients can submit a request to schedule an appointment with a primary or specialty care physicians. 

Learn more on how to schedule an appointment.

Your Feedback Matters To Us

We're calling...

UCLA Health seeks to provide the best possible care and service to all patients. We want to know how we're doing, and our representative from a company called Quality Data Management (QDM) may be calling you to perform a patient survey by telephone.

  • You may be selected randomly to be interviewed over the phone within a few weeks of your visit.
  • QDM will ask you about your experience with your doctor and this practice.
  • Your responses are confidential and you will not be identified.
  • Participation in the survey will not affect your health care or your benefits.
  • We encourage you to take the survey, but the choice is up to you. We value your input because it helps us improve the quality of care we provide. hear your opinion

Thank you,
UCLA Health