Yearly breakdown
6 months of inpatient service
3 months of dedicated outpatient time
Built in time for research, pathology, procedures
1 month of attending responsibilities (ICU)
1 month of vacation
2 weeks CTICU
1 week of One Legacy rotation
1 week of immunogenetics/outpatient time
Monthly check in’s with feedback from other attendings through PDs

Inpatient Lung Transplant Service
Inpatient service includes all post lung transplant patients (fresh and remote) admitted to WW as well as pre - lung transplant patients who are listed or undergoing active evaluation for transplant.
Help fellow/attending perform procedures on post transplant patients as indicated.
Help with handling outside transfer requests for lung transplant evaluation
Review Donor offers and discuss acceptance with inpatient attending
Present the inpatient list and any new evals you are following during weekly Lung Transplant Selection Committee Meeting
Prepare lung transplant quarterly M&M cases for presentation
Expected to work 1 weekend a month (dates flexible)
Follow your cohort patients in clinic

Cardiothoracic ICU: spend time with our anesthesia colleagues in the cardiothoracic ICU to learn more about fresh transplant management and mechanical circulatory support.
One Legacy rotation: Learn about management of donors prior to procurement
Immunogenetics lecture series providing education surrounding immunogenetics and solid organ transplantation
Pathology: Spend time with chest pathologists and learn about histologic changes associated with the various types of rejection and review explant pathology.

Outpatient Time
Opportunity to provide longitudinal follow up care for lung transplant recipients
Learn management of immunosuppression and common post transplant issues
Perform outpatient surveillance bronchoscopies
Opportunity to participate in academic projects based on interest
Opportunity to attend subspecialty clinics based on interest, including COPD, pulmonary hypertension, interstitial lung disease, and cystic fibrosis