1. Which track(s)? 
    You may apply to more than one track. Please indicate to which tracks you wish to apply.
  2. Citizenship?
    Please identify your citizenship status. If you require a visa, please indicate.
  3. ACGME internship?
    The program requires an ACGME-accredited medical or transitional PGY-1 intern year. 
  4. Starting on July 1?
    If you are off-track and will not complete your residency PGY-4 year until later than June 30th, please let us know at the time of application.
  5. Send questions to:
    A. For any or all of the three Westwood and WLA VA (“WW VA”) tracks:
    Emails to:
    James WY Chen MD PhD ([email protected])
    Marc R. Nuwer MD PhD ([email protected])
    Amanda Bentley ([email protected])
    B. Westwood Epilepsy
    Emails to:
    John Stern MD ([email protected])
    Sabrina Hubbard ([email protected])
    Marc R. Nuwer MD PhD ([email protected])
    Amanda Bentley ([email protected])
    C. Pediatric Epilepsy        
    Emails to:
    Lehka Rao ([email protected])
    Amanda Bentley ([email protected])

We have joined the National Residency Match Program for the fellowship. Candidates should submit their materials through ERAS. Interviews will be held during the winter. Match lists will be submitted to the NRMP. The separate five tracks each are listed in ERAS and will be matched separately. Candidates may apply to more than one track. Any tracks not listed are already filled for the Match cycle. The UCLA tracks include both Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology training in the three tracks labeled “Epilepsy” in ERAS. Four of the five tracks are 2-year training positions. The tracks are:

1. Adult Westwood Epilepsy (2yr)

2. Pediatric Epilepsy (2yr)

3. Westwood and VA Epilepsy (2yr)

4. EEG and EMG (1yr)

5. EEG and Intraoperative Monitoring (2yr)

Candidates should include in their submission:

  1. Which track(s) are being applied for
  2. Curriculum Vitae (resume)
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Three recommendation letters, one of which should be from your Neurology Program Director
  5. USMLE scores for parts 1, 2 and 3 (photocopies are acceptable)
  6. For foreign medical school graduates, an ECFMG certificate
  7. The following information must be included:
    a. Citizenship. For foreign citizens, specify your visa status.
    b. Name of your internship hospital and type of internship 

Before beginning the fellowship, all candidates must have completed satisfactorily a US ACGME accredited residency in Neurology or Child Neurology and a US ACGME accredited internship in medicine. Proof of completion must be submitted at the start of training. 

UCLA is able to support J-1 visas only for the ACGME accredited years of our programs. Clinical instructor Intraoperative Monitoring positions are not eligible for these J-1 visas. UCLA does not provide support for training program applicants who are in the US on an H1B visa. 

Fellows must hold an Unrestricted Medical license issued by the Medical Board of California six months before beginning their fellowship so as to process university onboarding. Please note that obtaining a California medical license may take six months or more from the time of filing the application with the Medical Board in Sacramento. Candidates must apply to the California Medical Board during the summer prior to beginning the fellowship and contact the medical board periodically to make sure the application is making its way through the system.  

Any offer of a position is contingent upon actual issuance of an unrestricted medical license by the California Medical Board. Their address is: Medical Board of California.