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acl webinar

Being Psychologically Ready Following ACL Rehabilitation

In this third part of the series, UCLA sports neuropsychologist Douglas R. Polster, PhD, discusses psychological preparedness for returning to play, how to self-assess readiness and when to seek help from a sports psychologist.

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Sport Concussions in Youth: Community Guide for Education, Treatment and Research

concussion webinar

UCLA pediatric neurologist Christopher Giza, MD, discusses the comprehensive UCLA Steve Tisch BrainSPORT approach to sport-related concussions among youth athletes, including injury prevention, clinical management and education. He also identifies what proactive steps and comprehensive tools local schools, community youth organizations and healthcare providers can take to help ensure the highest level of care and safety for the children they serve.

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cognitive difficulties

Learning and cognitive difficulties in children:  What are some challenges after a head injury, including concussion

UCLA neuropsychologist Talin Babikian, PhD, ABPP covers some of the more common learning, cognitive and behavioral challenges that children and adolescents face, including how these difficulties may manifest following a brain injury or insult, including a concussion. Helpful intervention strategies will be discussed.

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not child's play

It’s Not Child’s Play: An Evidence-Based Approach to Youth Sports Concussions

UCLA pediatric neurologist Christopher Giza, MD, discusses an evidence-based approach to concussions in young people that will include understanding risk, conducting an initial assessment and ongoing clinical management. Participants will learn how to evaluate and care for youth athletes with concussions.

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