On-Boarding Instructions for EMPLOYEES

FOR YOUR ID BADGE: make sure you also ask for night and weekend access to CHS. You will also need to be programmed for access to the 5th floor of the Wasserman building.

  • HIPAA Training (click here).
  • MHQ – you will need proof of your current tetanus vaccination (click here). 
  • CITI Training - take the ARC general certification test (click here).
  • All other training or scheduling for in-person classes will be through Worksafe (click here). For a link that will help with navigating the portal, click here
  • Courses to take:
    • Lab Safety Fundamentals – as soon as this is complete you can start to work in the lab
    • Formaldehyde
    • Working with rats (online and in-person)
    • Barrier training (online and in-person)
    • The Worksafe in person is for the CHS 2V vivarium. You need to email Mariela Del Real [email protected] to schedule a walkthrough of BRI 33-399C.
  • Once you finish the in-person barrier, you will be added to the ARC protocol. When that amendment is approved you will then be able to work with animals and you will submit a form for vivarium access for both CHS 2V and BRI 33-399C.

Walk Through:

Please schedule a time with our lab manager Ms. Sima Ghavim [email protected] for lab safety approval BRI 58-125. This will familiarize you with where safety related items are in the lab and what to do in the event of an accident. She will also give you a door code to access the various rooms.

You will need to read the lab safety manual and chemical hygiene plan in her office and then sign the page she will give you to indicate you have completed this.