Hematology Rotation

Rotations are scheduled for a month at a time, for a total of 3 months in bone marrow service and 1 month on lymphoma service. At any given time, there are usually 2 residents and 1 fellow on the service.  Routine daily activities occur from 8 AM to 6 PM and include reviewing and signing out bone marrow work-ups, flow cytometry results, lymphoma work-ups, and immunohistochemical studies of lymph node preparations. Residents are responsible obtaining clinical history for cases, and communicating results to clinicians directly when appropriate.  Other activities performed as they arise include evaluation of peripheral blood and body fluid smears held by the staff for review, and review of platelet aggregometry testing and communicating results to clinicians after consultation with the attending Pathologist.  Time is set aside each week for specific teaching sessions on peripheral blood and body fluid morphology and other topics listed above that is not routinely encountered in the daily work. Experience in performing bone marrow biopsies is obtained during rotations at Santa Monica Hospital.  Residents attend and prepare presentations as indicated at pathology resident conferences as well as the HemePath Multidisciplinary Conference series and Lymphoma Tumor Boards.



  • Bleeding disorders, congenital and acquired
  • Bone marrow sign out
  • CSF, body and synovial fluids
  • DIC, case studies
  • DNA analysis
  • Flow cytometry analysis
  • Flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry sign out
  • Hemophilia, case studies
  • Hypercoagulable states, congenital and acquired
  • Instrumentation
  • Introduction to coagulation and case studies
  • Introduction to peripheral blood and bone marrow morphology
  • Lymphoma sign out
  • Platelet disorders, case studies
  • RBC morphology and slides reviews