Conference Room Directory Contact for Reservations Capacity Ext.
CHS 13-265 (Madden Conference Room) Pathology Reserve 30 57779
CHS 13-145 (Multi-Scope Space) Pathology Reserve 8-10 57779
CHS A6-138 Pathology Reserve 10-15 57779
CHS AS-314 (Multi-Scope Room) Dr. Irene Riahi  25  
DGSOM-CHS/MRL/NRB Conference Rooms UCLA Room Reservation System Varies  
CHS AS-260 Pathology Reserve 12 57779
CHS 27-061 Pathology Reserve 10-15 57779
CHS 27-061C10 Pathology Reserve 6 57779
RRUCLA and 200 MP Room Reservations Elizabeth Galang  Varies 79314
B-130 RRMC/Tamkin Auditorium Kathy Dezeeuw 79338
Other Options
RPB Auditorium-JSEI* JSEI Aud. Reservation Form 156 66641
Gonda Conf. Room 1st Floor Gonda Reservation Form 63  
Boyer Hall 159/173 (Kitchen Facilities) Bo Tendis 100 51018
Molecular Science Building 3440 MSB Reservations 55  
Factor 3-648 Zoe Taylor    72200
Hollywood Conference Room 16-145  15  
DGSOM Conference Rooms     
UCLA Catering (Covel, De Neve, NW Campus Aud)* UCLA Catering    
UCLA Faculty Center* UCLA Faculty Center    
Royce Hall* Royce Hall Event Information    
At Your Service Catering Website (Information)
UCLA Catering UCLA Catering
Multi-site Bridge Line Invite "PathTeleco[email protected]" as a resource to your meeting request. 10-Video

*Room fee may apply