Junior Faculty Research Development Program


Our goal is to optimize the productivity and career trajectories of research-focused junior faculty within the Department of Pediatrics. Faculty learn skills and receive guidance in accessing resources to optimize promotion within academic medicine. CDI helps wih a mentoring plan, scholarship oversight committees, an individualized faculty development plan, and a set of academic, research, leadership, and administrative skills needed to become sucessful researchers. The program targets faculty with > 40% research time who are either clinical instructors or assistant professors. Faculty are divided up into cohorts based on seniority, to encourage collaboration with peers.


Each cohort meets regularly for peer mentorship and networking. CDI senior faculty are present to lead discussions and present on a variety of topics such as:

Communication Skills

Career Development Skills

Academic Advancement & Promotion

Specific Research Skills

For more information, please contact Aria Mohseny, CDI Administrative Specialist ([email protected]) or Peter Szilagyi, Executive Vice-Chair and Vice Chair for Research ([email protected])