Pediatrics Hematology & Oncology Conferences


  • Division Conference: Presentation of inpatient cases including review of history, diagnosis, treatment and management of cases.
  • Pre-Clinic/CSS Rounds: Review of outpatient cases to be seen for the week. Presentation and review of CSS cases.
  • Fellow Board Review: Review of ABP topics and questions for sub-specialty exam.
  • BMT Rounds: Presentation of BMT cases and discussion of management/treatment plans.
  • Hematopathology Conference: Review of basic topics of hematopathology, review of slides.
  • Psychosocial Rounds


  • Didactic Lecture: Presentation of research topics by division faculty, fellows and outside lecturers.


  • PHO Tumor Board: Multidisciplinary presentation of cases involving complex diagnostic or management issues.
  • PHO Journal Club: Presentation and review of current literature.
  • Clinical/Clinical Research Performance Improvement Committee: Review of systems-based issues related to clinical care of patients, clinical trials and research.
  • BMT Educational Lectures: Review of topics in BMT.
  • Fellows Meeting: Meeting with Program Directors to discuss issues related to fellowship training.
  • Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board: Discussion of neuro-oncology / brain tumor cases with multidisciplinary team.


  • M&M Conference: Review of clinical cases, systems-based issues and outcomes.

Departmental Conferences


  • Fellows Core Curriculum: Didactic lectures on a variety of topics related to career development, transition from clinical medicine to academic medicine, education/methods, grant writing and work-in-progress.
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds: Didactic sessions on a variety of topics across all specialties.

10 sessions:

  • Biostatistics: Didactic session of biostatistical methods.


  • Ethics in Research: Didactic session on ethical issues in research.
  • Pediatric Performance Improvement Conference: Discussion of pediatric cases for the evaluation and improvement of quality of care.


Institutional / Multidisciplinary Conferences


  • UCLA Musculo-Skeletal Research Meeting: Combined review of pediatric and adult sarcoma cases.
  • Neuro-Oncology Multidisciplinary Conference: Combined review of neuro-oncology cases.
  • JCCC Research Seminar Series: Multidisciplinary presentations of the work of faculty and members of the JCCC.
  • IMED Seminar Series: Multidisciplinary presentations across a wide variety of topics in medicine, health care, science, biotechnology, leadership, intellectual property, etc.


  • Jonsson Cancer Center "Leaders in the Field" Research Series: Multidisciplinary presentations of the work of faculty and members of the JCCC.