First Year

Clinical Training

The first year consists of primarily clinical responsibilities with intensive inpatient experiences at Mattel Children's Hospital and outpatient rheumatology clinics.

The first-year fellow will learn to evaluate and manage rheumatologic signs and symptoms, under supervision of the faculty member.

Patient care/ Medical knowledge:

  • Recognize and diagnose rheumatologic disease and how to treat as outpatient
  • Assess acutely ill patients with rheumatologic diseases and know criteria for admissions and /or continued hospitalization
  • Take a complete history and physical examination
  • Establish a differential diagnosis with presenting signs and symptoms
  • Establish a treatment and rehabilitation plan


The first year is dedicated to research orientation and project selection. Fellows also participate in department-wide courses in research fundamentals, career development and medical ethics.

Second & Third Year

Clinical training

Second and third year fellows continue to have continuity clinics as well as 4-6 weeks of inpatient service duties acting as the pre-attending with faculty supervision.


The second and third years focus on research projects designed by the fellows in conjunction with a faculty scientific mentor.