The Department of Radiation Oncology is excited to announce that we will be offering the Diversity in Medicine – Visiting Student Elective Stipend.  This opportunity was created in partnership with UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology and Department of Radiation Oncology EDI committee, to serve as a recruitment tool for UCLA Radiation Oncology residency programs.  The $2500 stipend opportunity supports travel and lodging expenses to four 4th year medical students who self-identify as underrepresented in medicine and/or those who have suffered from socioeconomic disadvantages. 

The AAMC defines underrepresented as "those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population."

Please contact Liane Nash at  ([email protected]) should you have any questions.


  1. Diversity in Medicine Application
  2. Rotation Expectations (in addition to the Course Rotation Expectations)